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    DEC 22  - DEC 24 


    Prometheus (Robo War)

    "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge."

    EVENT DATE: 23rd & 24th December, 2014


    The battle for honor and dominance is back and this time it would be even fiercer. Warriors would rise and crush to ground but only one will stand tall. The brutal the warrior, the stronger it is. Brace yourself for the ultimate fight for honor and witness the most horrendous battle of Robots. Yes, axes will grind, robots will be ripped apart, sparks will fly, machines will fall into pieces and annihilation will know no boundaries.
    So, If you can face the heat then turn it on and get ready for Prometheus, where either you wreck or you break.


    The objective is to make a wired/wireless, manually controlled bot that can immobilize the opponent’s bot in a one on one competition.


    Robot Specification:

    • Weight = 35kg

    • Height = 45cm

    • Length = 45cm

    • Breadth = 45cm

    • Maximum of 24v DC supply is allowed. The battery system can be on-board or off-board as per your convenience.

    • Weapon System:

      • Spinning Discs/ Pneumatics (Pneumatic cylinders can be off board) / Flipping or Raming mechanisms are allowed.

      • No flammable weapons are allowed.


    • Arena will be a square wooden plane of dimension 12ft by 12ft surrounded by wire mesh.

    • The dimensions, weights, etc. of the arena and weapons described in this problem statement have a margin of error of ± 5% unless otherwise stated.

    • There are two types of arena obstacles. These weapons are placed symmetrically in the arena in two corners and there will be two square pits of dimension 2ft by 2ft in other two corners.

    Cutter/Flywheel: It is a vertically rotating disc of 35cm diameter. The effect of this will be to create a change in the motion of the robot, even may cause damage to the bots. s have to be careful when they move onto it, as it leads to negative points.

    Pits: There will be two pits of dimension 2ft by 2fton the other two corner of arena. If a team pushes an opponent into it, gives points as mentioned in the scoring.


    • If the robot operator is seen to be using the wire from the controller to pull, move or hold the robot, i.e. if the wire becomes taut at any point, the team will be disqualified.

    • All efforts must be made to protect battery terminals from a direct short and causing a battery fire. Failure to do so will lead to direct disqualification.

    • Violation of any of the guidelines under robot specification will lead to a direct disqualification.


    • Teams can contain a maximum of 4 students.

    • Students need not be from the same institution. Each should be enrolled in an Institution, and need to produce ID cards on the event day.


    • The arena will be secured so that there is nothing coming out of the arena when the match is going on.

    • The machine would be checked for its safety before the competition and the team would be disqualified if their machine is found unsafe.

    • Participants are expected to abide by the rules and should co-operate with the organizers.

    • All participants build and operate robots at their own risk. Please take care to not hurt yourself or others when building, testing and competing.


    • Abhipsa Mishra

    • Sidharth Mohanty

    • Kamakshya Prasad Mishra

    • Souvik Pattojoshi


    Hypernymes (Robo Race)

    EVENT DATE: 22nd & 24th December, 2014


    The segment of Techfest that is synonymous with anger, speed and the ambition to win. Be it on land, air or water, this section gives you the opportunity to conquer all the three elements with full force and might. If the sound of an engine is your daily music and mechanics your religion, we invite you to show the extent of your passion. Let these mind blowing machines hit the track and fight out in the most diverse conditions manoeuvring their way through several obstacles while the clock ticks away.


    In this event there would testing of driving skills of manually controlled wired/wireless bots. The bots have to cover many hurdles various terrains to reach the goal.


    Robot Specification:

    • The maximum dimension of the robot can be 25 x 25 x 25 cm.

    • The robot may be wired or wireless.

    • The length of the wire (for wired bots) should be long enough to cover the whole track and wire should remain slack during the complete run.

    • Max weight must not exceed 3kg.

    • Only 230 v AC supply will be provided.

    • Readymade toys car are not allowed.

    • You can use max of 24V to run your bot.


    • Max of 4 students per team.

    • the required accessories have to be brought by participants.

    • No assistance will be provided by the coordinator.

    • The bot can be wired or wireless.

    • The robot should not damage the arena.

    • The robot must not leave behind any of its parts during the run; else it will result in disqualification.

    • Co-coordinator’s decision is final and any arguments with the co-coordinator will lead to disqualification of their bot.

    • The bots should be ready for their respective match on time. If the bots are not ready, excuses will not be entertained.

    • *Rules may subject to change.




    • Manas Ranjan Sahu

    • Somesh Mahapatra

    • Priyanka Priyadarshini Padhy

    • Sudeshna Dey


    Erebus (Line Follower)

    EVENT DATE: 22nd & 23rd December, 2014


    The participant have to build autonomous robots to perform specific tasks in given time. The arena awaits you to exhibit the potentials of robotics enthusiast in you.


    Build an autonomous robot which traverses a given track in the least possible time. The "track" is simply a line which the robot has to follow from the start to the finishing point.


    Arena Specification:

    • The track will be a white line on a black surface, and will be 30 ± 2mmin width.

    • The track may consist of:

      • Straight Sections.

      • Curves with a minimum 300 mm radius of curvature.

      • Abrupt turns and bends not exceeding 90 degrees from the straight.

      • Discontinuities b/w 30 to 150 mm.

      • The track may also cross over itself at points, but in an orthogonal fashion only.
        (At such points the robot is expected to move only in forward direction)

    • The robot must deal with the ambient lighting conditions of a room; it will be set "as is" and won't be modified for individual contestants. However, care will be taken toavoid direct sunlight interference with the track region.

    • The checkpoints would be located on right side (in the direction of motion ofrobot) of the Arena.

    • Separate trial tracks for testing and calibration will be made available beforethe final competition.

    Robot Specification:

    • The robot base must fit within a rectangle of length 250mm and breadth 250mm at all points of time during a round.

    • There are no constraints on robot height or weight.

    • The robot must be powered by an on-board power source.

    • The potential difference between any two points of the robot must not exceed 12V at anytime.

    • The robot must be completely autonomous. Wired or wireless links to off-boardsystems are not allowed.

    • Lego or similar ready-made kits are not allowed to build the robot.


    • Each robot shall be allowed 3 rounds and best time will be considered.

    • Each team would be given a calibration time before the run.

    • If the robot goes out of the path at any point of time the team can restart fromthe last check point or any of the subsequent checkpoints.

    • A maximum of threerestarts per run are allowed. The timer won’t stop during restart.

    • Flash photography and IR focusing cameras will not be allowed in the competition area.

    • Participants are not allowed to keep anything inside the arena other than the machine.


    • Teams of maximum 4 are allowed.

    • The final team score shall be taken as the better of three rounds.

    • The time measured by the organizers will be final and will be used for scoring theteams. Time measured by any participant by any other means is not acceptable forscoring.

    • The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules andarena as they deem fit.

    • In case of any disputes/discrepancies, the organizers' decision will be final andbinding.


    All dimensions are in centimetres.
    There are 4 checkpoints in all
    Points for checkpoint:-

    • Cp1 = 10

    • Cp2 = 20

    • Cp3 = 30

    • Cp4 = 40


    • Adarsh Nayak

    • Muktideepa Choudhry

    • Chinmayee Tripathy

    • SoumyaPriyaSahoo



    EVENT DATE: 22nd December, 2014





    • Teams can bring their catapults directly to the arena.

    • Virtual stage is not required for teams participating directly.



    1st Prize-Rs 8000/-(per team)

    2nd Prize-Rs 6000/-(per team)


    Bibaswan Satpathy (+91-9438134026)

    Nitikesh Sahu (+91-80188275750)

    Vibek Mishra (+91-9437134084)

    Sulagna Rakshit (+91-9438848793)

    Auto Passion

    EVENT DATE: 23rd December, 2014


    Time for automobile lovers to brush up their automotive knowledge.


    • The event comprises of two rounds i.e a written and a stage round respectively.

    • The stage round comprises of 4 sub rounds.

    • Two members will make a group.

    • Single members won’t be entertained.

    • No individual registration fees.


    Open for all

    "Exciting prizes for audience"


    1st prize-Rs 6000/-(PER TEAM)

    2nd prize-Rs 4000/-(PER TEAM)


    Avisek Mohapatra (+91–9853161835)

    Suchi Singh (+91-8093890763)



    "Design works if it’s authentic, inspired and has a clear point of view, it can’t be a collection of input."-Ron Johnson


    Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all good design must primarily serve people. An AutoCAD event which enhances the skill in the engineering drawing field. Imagination is the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses. Imagination is, in general, the power or process of producing mental images and ideas.

    ROUND 1 :: Truss

    Link Up is all about bridge making using truss. Design a bridge of your own on the spot that will carry seismic load and point load at its center. Bridge should be designed in such a way that it rests on the two supports at the end. The design carrying the maximum load will be the winner.


    Design a truss bridge to carry out maximum seismic load and point load at mid-span. The dimension will be as follows:

    • Length of the truss bridge (span length) is 40 cm – 60cm.

    • Width of the truss bridge should be between 15 cm to 25 cm.

    • You should create a smooth base at the center to allow suspension of seismic load and point load at the center from the top or bottom of the truss which will be recommended by the participants.

    • Anchorages will be provided by the organizers.

    • Bridge will be rested on these two supports only, i.e. no other support provided. One support will be fixed and the other support will be provided with seismic vibration.


    Participants need not to carry any materials. You will only have to use provided materials:

    • Popsicle sticks: 200 numbers.

    • Adhesive.

    • Thread – 1 Bundle.

    • Scissors.

    • Glue Gun.

    • Glue Gun Stick.

    • Ruler.


    • There will be 30 teams.

    • Students of any branch (B.Tech, B.E. & Diploma) can participate.

    • A team may consist of a maximum of 3 members.

    • Students from different educational institutes can form a team.

    • Shape: Structure could be of absolutely any shape satisfying the above constraints.

    • If any of these constraints are not met, point deductions (as mentioned) or disqualification may be imposed at the sole discretion of the organizers.

    • Once the structure is weighed, you are not allowed to modify your structure in any way.

    • If the structure fails to satisfy any of the above constraints then it will be summarily rejected.

    • Any team that is not ready at the time specified will be disqualified immediately.

    • Judges' decision shall be final and binding on all.

    • The organizers reserve all rights to change any or all of the above rules.


    The bridges will have to carry seismic load and point load at its center.


    The bridge is considered failed when any member or joint fails.


    • Maximum Load (in Kg) at which the structure fails. [50%]

    • Asthetics. [25%]

    • Amount of wood used. [20%]

    • Time taken to complete the design. [5%]

    ROUND 2 :: Bridge Design

    "Combining creativity with strategy!"

    Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Since time immemorial design has been the brainchild of artists and prodigies. Are you dreaming of being one of those master minds in designing? After all those years of designing structures with playing cards and building blocks here is your chance to build a real civil engineering structure. Take up the challenge and show your design prowess!


    Each team has to design a cable stayed/suspension bridge satisfying certain dimensional requirements and design criteria.


    • Minimum distance between the piers should be 30 cm. (Penalty: 10 points for breaking this rule.)

    • The width of the deck may vary from 15 to 20 cm. (Penalty: 10 points for breaking this rule.)

    • Height of the bridge should not exceed 40 cm. (Penalty: 10 points for breaking this rule.)

    • Minimum span of the bridge should be about 50 cm. (Penalty: 10 points for breaking this rule.)

    • Distance between deck and ground should not be less than 15 cm. (Penalty:20 points for breaking this rule.)

    • o No other construction other than keeping the bridge to stand should be made. (Penalty: 50 points for breaking this rule.)


    • Plywood.

    • Bits(wooden stick).

    • Nails.

    • Hammer.

    • Saw.

    • Wire cutter.

    • G.I wire.

    • Scale , Pencil , Cutter and Rubber.


    • The event is open to all.

    • Each team can have a maximum of 4 members.

    • The time limit for the event is 3 hours. But it can be extended by another half an hour depending on the circumstances; if required and considered necessary by the coordinators.

    • The time measured by the organizers for the completion of the event by each team will be final and will be used for scoring the teams. Time measured by any contestant by any other means is not acceptable for scoring.

    • Any kind of argument or improper behavior by any team may lead to penalty or disqualification.

    • The decision of ASCE SOA UNIVERSITY STUDENTS CHAPTER team will be final and binding.


    • Teams will be given 5 minutes to make final changes in their structure before the testing, and once the changes are done, the structure will be weighed. After weighing is done no changes can be made in the structure.

    • Teams will be allowed to put their structure on the base; once the structure is placed a weight of 5Kg will be kept on the structure by the team members themselves.

    • Structure must be able to stand the load of 5 kg without failing for at least 1 minute.

    • Loads will be applied on the center of topmost surface of the roof.

    • Additional help will be provided by ASCE SOA UNIVERSITY STUDENTS CHAPTER team coordinators.


    The Criteria with % weightage is as follows:

    • Maximum load in kg at which the structure fails. [50%]

    • Amount of material used(Wood/aluminum). [25%]

    • Aesthetics. [20%]

    • Time taken to complete the design. [5%]

    The judges will include the eminent judges from civil engineering department.


    Anil Aggarwal

    Anwesh Kumar Nanda (+91 9658416955)

    Saurav Mishra

    Subhendu Samal (+91 7855086948)


    "Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere"-Albert Einstein


    After all these years of designing small and sophisticated structures it's time to make something big, something out of box, something beyond imagination, something greater than can possibly be imagined & only few can do that. "Are you one of them" ? If yes, why wait! Come and show your potential, who you are and what are you capable of! Let others know you. It's time for you to plan your city. It's time for you to play your freedom card.


    Be it the monstrous rise of population or the sanitation, or the electricity or the pollution, now-a-day these problems are smothering the cities due to lack of well developed planning, therefore it's your time to answer them with your imagination and design. It's all about designing a city, a Green city. Green city refers to a structure and using process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. The Green city project differs from conventional projects by assigning equal priorities to economical, social, and environmental goals. Green city brings together a vast array of practices and techniques to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impacts on the environment and human health. Green cities are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment.


    Each team has to design a small town satisfying certain dimensional requirements and meeting following specifications


    The design must meet all of these specifications given:

    • Residential Development.

    • Agricultural as well as Industrial Development.

    • Health Center, Power and Water Supply and Waste Disposal.

    • Educational and Commercial Infill (Market, Shop etc).

    • Sports and Entertainment.

    • Postal and Banking Facilities.


    • Drawing sheet

    • Card-board

    • Pencil

    • Scale

    • Eraser

    • Thermo-col

    • Glue

    • Marker


    • The event is open to all.

    • Each team can have a maximum of 3 members.

    • The time limit for the event is 150 minutes.

    • The time measured by the organizers for the completion of the event by each team will be final and will be used for scoring the teams. Time measured by any contestant by any other means is not acceptable for scoring.

    • Any kind of argument or improper behavior by any team may lead to penalty or disqualification.


    • Residential Design Cases: Central organizing Principle: - open space design and/or compact, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods.

    • Commercial Design Cases: Cases illustrating a high standard of design can improve commercial developments alongside major traffic corridors.

    • Street Design Case: How to design residential streets appropriate for the level of traffic and amount of parking needed at typical building densities.

    • Health Center Design Case: Designing a health center accessible from all corners.

    • Power and Water Supply Suit Design Case: Designing a supply center accessible from all corners with good withdrawal capacity.

    • Educational Center Design Case: Position and location of educational center(may be different for different standard).

    • Requiring Open Space Design Case: Informs local officials how to substitute effective standards to replace toothless "options" which developers may choose to ignore with impunity.

    • The Economics of Preserving Open Space: Cites a growing body of evidence demonstrating that open space preservation is economically beneficial to all parties involved.

    • Sewage Disposal Cases: Presents "design with nature" approaches to dealing with sewage. Looks at ways to reclaim and reuse waste-water and to design innovative septic and sewer systems.


    Scoring will be based on:

    • Population density (participants must mention the population and scale of plan).

    • Position, Location, Accessibility of public structures.

    • Amount of free space available ("COMPACT BUT NOT CONGESTED")

    • And all specifications should be met.


    Ashish Sarangi (+91 73 81 462285)

    Dattatreya Sundaray (+91 8895081886)

    Nimesh Nayak (+91 8270889923)

    Sarbasis Pattanaik (+91 7504020090)

    Super Bikes and Car Show

    EVENT DATE: 24th December, 2014


    Watch out for the Super Bikers and some Beauty Queens of ROAD!!!

    This event is conducted by SAE ITER.


    • Ashiish Kumar Sahu (+91-8908120903)

    • Shubham Agrawal (+91-8895456303)

    • Sagar Kumar Pradhan (+91-8908652491)


    Aklant Das (+91-9439101520)

    Tarun Swain (+91-9040726192)

    Veeneet Acharya (+91-8763864910)

    All by Myself


    “ALL BY MYSELF” is anInter College Mono Acting or mime competition in which the participant has to perform on the stage all by himself. It’s a unique way to convey ones feelings and emotions to the world either by words or simply by gesture without the help of anybody else.


    The objective of the event is to hunt the best talent in acting from our college as well as other colleges of India.


    • It is a stage act competition.

    • Cross college participants will be allowed.

    • It is a solo event and the participant has to perform alone on the stage.

    • Time limit shall be 5-8 minutes inclusive of performance and setup.

    • The language of the act should be either English or Hindi.

    • If the participant wants to play any sound track then he/she must bring it in a pen drive.

    • There will be one person in charge of sound.


    • Winner : Rs. 10,000

    • Runner Up : Rs. 5,000


    Matru Prasad Pati

    Sudeepta Ghadei

    +91 9439407809

    N circled


    “N circled” is an inter college street play/ Nukkadnatak competition in which a team has to perform a street play on a social issue. Through NukkadNatak, one can describe what he feels about the society and its ways.


    The objective of the event is to spread social message to the society through street play/Nukkadnatak.


    • It is an inter college street play competition.

    • Cross college team will be allowed.

    • Plays will have to deal with subjects of social relevance.

    • Each team should have a minimum of 8 members and maximum of 15 members.

    • Time limit shall be 15-20 minutes inclusive of performance and setup.

    • The language of the act should be either English or Hindi.

    • Only live music is allowed. Teams will have to bring their own instruments.

    • Decision of the judge will be FINAL and BINDING on all terms.


    • Winner : Rs. 20,000

    • Runner Up : Rs. 10,000


    Adarsh Prasad Behera

    R. Anshuman Dash

    +91 9439415666

    Website Development

    EVENT DATE: 23rd & 24th December, 2014


    A good website is a window to the internet world. Creating a website for internet drives a company to embrace the global compatibility. In the future, web development will certainly spread out to modern horizons with customer oriented strategy as well as cut throat levels of competition. Techfest brings forth 'Web Development' workshop for a solid understanding of the Web Design and Development Techniques to the key design issues and focus your creativity.

    Participants will be taught web development which includes:-

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • PHP

    • SQL

    • AJAX

    • JQuery

    • BootStrap

    N.B. : Their will be a contest held at the end of the workshop to find the best website developer.


    Sumeet Lakra (+91 9778178861)

    Jugnu Agrawal (+91 9040219967)

    Mars Orbiter

    EVENT DATE: 22nd & 23rd December, 2014


    The objective is to provide the participants an environment of mars in which they has to collect the extra-terrestrial bodies and celestial bodies from the essential equipment from their bots.
    It will help the participant to acquire the knowledge of MOMS and about the working of spirit and curiosity.


    There are two stages in the arena. The 1st stage consist of different types of surfaces. The bot have to pick up small iron cylinder things from one place to another place which represent the extra-terrestrial bodies and celestial bodies.


    The participant have to control the bot in 2 stages and they have to pick the iron cylinder from the random place which is blue surface in the arena.


    Angle Of incline Is not more than 40 degree.
    The terrain will be spread across an area and will consist of sand, rocks, holes, net, craters and pebbles of height not exceeding 2-3 centimetres.The dimensions of the arena are subject to a tolerance of 10%(percent).


    Robot should fit into a box of dimensions 30cm x 30cm x 30cm (l*b*h). No part/mechanism of/on the robot should exceed the given dimensions at starting of the run. However the robot can change its dimension itself after the starting of the event.The maximum allowed weight of the robot is 7kg.


    First Bot has to complete STAGE-1 task.
    In STAGE-1 there are Random number of Iron Cylinders (Iron PINs) having length 5cm .The bot has to pick the Iron Cylinders and place it at Blue Zone.
    In STAGE-2 Bot has to take Same types of Metal Pin having length 10cm place it at Blue Zone.


    • In case of any technical problem,the team can have a second run, but with the deduction of 10% points of total score.

    • No appeals can be made after a rover fails to run in the second attempt.

    • Only 5 members are allowed in a single team.

    • In case if your bot will start damaging Arena ,at that instant you will be disqualified.

    • you can use more than one arm in your bot.

    • Maximum time limit for completing task is 35 mins.

    • BootStrap



    • After picking each Pin and placing it in its container will give you 100 points.

    • After completing STAGE-1 without any restart You will be awarded 100 points as bonus.


    • After placing each pin (length=10cm) in its container will give you 200 points.

    • Without any reset you will be awarded extra 200 points.


    [In case of tie : Time will be taken into consideration]


    Avinash (+91 9853218811)

    Spandan (+91 8908114384)

    Through the Lens & Tasveer


    SOA Camera Club is organizing "THROUGH THE LENS & TASVEER" a Photo Exhibition Cum Competition.

    The selected photos will be framed and displayed in the exhibition.
    There are exciting prizes and goodies for the winners.

    Last Date of submission : 19th December, 2014

    Theme : Portrait & Landscape

    Maximum 3 entries.

    Send Entries with your contact information to :

    Digital modification/tampering of the photograph is not allowed and violation will lead to disqualification.

    Photographs must not contain any logos or watermarks.


    Debasis Suara

    Kumar Chiranjivee

    Abinash Nayak

    +91 8763788633

    The Splash Fest

    EVENT DATE: 22nd December, 2014


    This particular event aims to encourage the students to think ‘out of the box’ innovative ideas. In these particular event the students are taught how to inculcate the idea of hydro propulsion and how to harness that imense potential energy stored inside compressed water cell.



    This event aims to propell rockets with the use of high pressurised water as only propulsion unit. This event also emphasis on the study of rocket building and areodynamic integrity of the rockets.


    The second event aims using the same pressurised water to be placed in go-karts as a source of fuel and participant can race them with the oponents.


    Pratika Ku. Panda (+91 8895001663)

    Sarthak Mishra (+91 7539058710)

    Space Exhibition


    How do you outline “space”?

    Is it only a boundless area with no action involved that has dimensions of infinity?

    What happens there and how we are trying to unravel the truth behind this endless cosmos?

    Come and get to see some mysteries of this creation unfolding through pictures.

    Also on display will be the milestones of indigenous creations of DRDO which offer a strong boost to the defence competencies of our country as well as the major landmarks of India’s ticket to space-ISRO.


    Rahul Rohan

    Sonali Das

    LAN Gaming


    Welcome to the Virtual World Zone of Chakravyuh • Genesis '15.

    Four Games, One Zone.

    • Counter Strike 1.6

    • DOTA 2

    • FIFA 11

    • NFS Most Wanted


    Tapan Kumar Patro (+91 8280134583)

    Civil Model Exhibition


    Enter the luminous world of Civil Engineering & bask in the glory of human innovation and creation. Explore the tour the force of civil engineers through the models of some of the world’s most fascinating structures which stand as the epitome of adroitness. This is our tribute to the spirit of civil engineering.


    Avinash Singh

    Nihar Ranjan Mahakud (+91 8908808626)

    Rahul Kumar

    Shantanu shroff (+91 8908808626)

    Space Techno Club Research paper presentation

    EVENT DATE : 23rd December, 2014


    To motivate young minds to come up with new innovative ideas on space science which includes Space Derbis Mitigation, Satellite communication, Harnessing Green Energy and lots more… Come and join hands together to create something new together.


    EVENT DATE : 22nd December, 2014


    It’s a game event. Anegg is provided and parachute materials are provided. A small briefing will be given how to make the parachute. The egg is placed in the parachute and dropped from 3rd floor on a target. Participants get a chance to win a lot of goodies. Participants can come in group (max 2 in a group). (Any specific material (paint, brush, any other requirement) must be brought by the participants).


    • Egg (one for each group)

    • Parachute Materials

    • Designing materials will be provided

    Spot Modeling

    EVENT DATE : 22nd December, 2014


    Use innovation and experience to build the best out of the things provided.

    BEST OUT OF WASTE. Participants can come in group( max 2 in a group).


    • Scrap materials will be provided

    • Fevicol

    • Paper Cutter

    • Scissor

    • (Any specific material (paint, brush, any other requirement) must be brought by the participants)

    Tattoo Making

    EVENT DATE :22nd & 23rd December, 2014


    Imprint the dark color of symbolism.

    It’s a tattoo center, where anyone can come and have its own customized tattoo. We will be having professional tattoo designers.

    Mehendi Competition

    EVENT DATE : 23rd December, 2014


    Multiply the beauty of girl’s hands by laying the maroon paste.

    Mehendi tubes will be provided. Participants can come in group (max 2 in a group).


    • Mehendi tube only (Depending on availability)

    • (Any specific material (paint, brush, any other requirement) must be brought by the participants)

    Face/Body Painting

    EVENT DATE : 23rd December, 2014


    Objectify the body to show the potential of art.

    Participants has to come with a partner, whose face/body part has to be painted. (Participants can paint on the face and hands only). Participant has to complete it by a given time (within 2 hours).


    • Paints and Brushes

    • (Any specific material (paint, brush, any other requirement) must be brought by the participants)

    Abstract Canvas Painting

    EVENT DATE : 20th December, 2014


    Bring the colors of your pallet to your canvas to portray the beauty of colors.

    Canvas will be provided. Theme is abstract/ modern art is accepted.


    • Canvas

    • Painting

    • Color

    • Brush

    • (Any specific material (paint, brush, any other requirement) must be brought by the participants)

    Pot Designing

    EVENT DATE : 19th December, 2014


    Etch your creativity and innovation on pots to make them look ethereal.

    Pot of different size and shape will be provided. Participants can come in group (max 2 in a group).


    • Pot (Different shape & size)

    • Paint

    • Color

    • Brush

    • (Any specific material (paint, brush, any other requirement) must be brought by the participants)

    • One pot will be provided to a single group. Availability of pot depends on first come first service.

    Magazine Designing

    EVENT DATE : 18th December, 2014


    Decorate the cover of a magazine while discovering your graphical skills.

    A white chart paper will only be provided, participate has to make a magazine by using any materials (paint, scrap material, etc.). Participant has to complete it by a given time (within 2 hours). Participants can come in group (max 2 person in a group)


    • Only white chart paper

    • Paint

    • Color

    • Brush

    • Fevicol

    • Designing Paper

    • Scrap Materials

    • (Any specific material (paint, brush, any other requirement) must be brought by the participants)

    Mask Making

    EVENT DATE : 18th December, 2014


    Make an alibi of your imagination by making and decorating a mask.

    A cutting of a mask, paints and brushes will be provided. They can create any type of mask (No theme). It’s not a group activity, one mask is given to only a single participant.


    • Mask cutting

    • Paint

    • Color

    • Brush

    • Stick

    • (Any specific material (paint, brush, any other requirement) must be brought by the participants)

    Coding - Debugging

    EVENT DATE : 22nd December, 2014


    Come and show your programming skills, compete with different coders, execute and complete some challenging task.

    Coding consists of 2 round with 3 question each of varying difficulty level(Easy,Medium,Hard).The winner of both rounds bags the prize.

    Debugging consists of 72 MCQs including basic objective questions,finding output,finding errors.


    Somesh Mohan (+91 7504960256)

    ITER Roadies


    This is your chance to try out the craziest stuffs that you will never get to do in your life. Take up this opportunity to discover your potential…test your endurance… and tame your devilish brain. Also be ready to face yourself because we will make sure you realize your weaknesses. This is a call for all the people to come out of their protective shells to test themselves against the odds and have fun. Remember a roadie is not necessarily the won who wins the final task but the one who accepts all the challenges with zeal to conquer it.
    It is one of the reality event of Chakravyuh 2K15 .There will be four rounds, the final round comprising of tasks. Participants unwilling to do task will be disqualified. Vote outs will be done after every round by all the participants of that task. There will also be a wild card entry, so losing participants will get another chance. There might be changes in the rules depending on the number of participants or any other unanticipated reason. At final time there will be a individual task time. So the winner will be called as ITER ROADIES 2K15.


    To facilitate healthy competition among students and promote disciplinary coordination by ensuring peaceful progress incourse of time. We aim to promote partnership and progress among non-club related portfolios.

    Interested people can register yourself by sending a mail at ( ).

    Required information:-

    • Name of the applicants

    • Registration number

    • Year and Branch

    • College

    • Phone number


    Rajiv Prusty (+91 9090044535)

    Samadarshini Pattnayak

    Satish Samal (+91 9776472226)

    S.K.Fahed (+91 9658066332)

    Soumyashree Parida

    Subrat Avinash (+91 9853514932)

    Satyajit Sahoo (+91 9439660367)

    Aero Flying


    Aero simulation ,a competition where one can show their skills of flying a plane in virtual world.

    Have you always been inquisitive of the cutting edge technology used in aircrafts and want an enriching experience flying them? Well, your prayers have been answered and the runway is clear. Fasten your seatbelts, fire up your engines and get your hands on the throttle for here comes the most awaited air show of the year. Not only do you get a chance to show your aerobactic skill, you also get a chance to meet many elite RC aircraft pilots.


    To take-off, execute aerobatic maneuvers and land back safely.


    • Runway designation: 14-32

    • Lighting: None

    • Dimensions: 70X6 feet

    • Surface: Concrete

    • Touchdown Zone (TDZ): 10 feet

    • Elevation: 723 feet ASL

    • Condition: Dry


    Vishal (+91 8763123678)

    Suraj mondal



    Aero Competition


    An inter college competition, maximum 8 college can participate in this event.


    Rules on Team structure

    • Maximum of 5 members in a team.

    • Members of a team must from same college.

    • Any number of teams can participate from one college.

    • Professionals are not allowed.


    • The RC plane should measure a maximum of 1.0 m along any direction.

    • T/W =0.75 (if excess thrust is found, it will be neutralized by adding weight below the plane at center of gravity).

    • The use of IC engines is prohibited. Only electrical motors are allowed.

    • The maximum voltage between any two points on the plane should be 12V at any point of time.

    • Use of gyroscopes (gyros) is prohibited.

    • One of the team members should fly the aircraft and another should call the stunts as they are performed (just before).

    • No Design change will be allowed after the Qualifier round.



    First prize Rs. 3,000 (per team)

    Second prize Rs. 2,000(per team)


    Subrat (+91 8658411844)



    Abhishek Gupta

    Ankit Samantaray

    Aero Exhibition


    A place where one can get access to different types of planes related to aero industry & it’s parts.

    Aero-exhibition at Chakravyuh • Genesis '15, is a display of the models of RC Air-crafts designed by the club members during the year, with the aim of promoting their work and generating an interest in aeromdelling activities among the masses. This segment is one of those rare avenues where you can see and experience a wide spectrum of aeromodels with a unique collection of exibits from basic glider type RC models to ornithopters as well as quad-&-tricopters. Exhibition has the most cutting edge technology on display. This is am ideal platform for the budding aeromodellers' and the aero-savvy, providing them an opportunity to gain exposure and interact with various designers whose expertise has brought there breathtaking exibits into existence


    Samiksha Moharana (+91 9438383246)





    Welome to APPATHON.

    We teaches you how to build your first Android app. You’ll learn how to create an Android project and run a debuggable version of the app. You'll alsolearn some fundamentals of Android app design, including how to build a simple user interface and handle user input.


    Rahul Anand (+91 7381547011)

    Kumar Ankush (+91 8260981177)



    Hacking is an Art.


    • WhoisLookup(Information Gathering)[10 Min.]

    • SQL Injection(Basics/Advanced)[30 min.]

    • What is DDOS? And how It Works? And its preventions[10-15 min]

    • Introduction to Kali Linux[30 min]

    Some Attacks with own Scripts:

    • DDos Attack[20 min]

    • Facebook Brute Force[20 min]

    • WifiHandShakes[30 min]

    Total 150 min. = 2hrs 30 min. to 3 hrs


    Nitikesh Pattnayak (+91 8093594975)

    Virtual Job Fair


    IET presents Virtual Job Fair 2014.


    DOKI AVILASH (+91 9439174743)

    M SWASTIK SUDARSHANY (+91 8895207159)



    Registration Fee: ₹ 300

    N.B. This is a one time pay access to all the events. You don't need to register again for any other particular event once you've paid the amount.(After Registering you have to pay the amount in the registration desk at ITER.)





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